“Sabisoccer”: The term “sabi” means “to know” in pidgen English, a language commonly spoken in many West African countries. Sabisoccer stands for my own unique knowledge of and approach to coaching the game of soccer or ‘football’ as it’s called in Ghana.

“Each soccer coach draws on his or her favorite sources of inspiration in order to summon the passion that is necessary to succeed in soccer. Two of my favorites are the personal commitment of the players who set the tempo and the joy that is created by playing the game.

Like many coaches, I use two very different, but complimentary, tools to sustain the development of my players’ drive to improve and to enjoy soccer: the structured tactical training syllabus used by most coaches in California and the pickup game that is used in many other parts of the world, including my home country, Ghana. Development of soccer play is enhanced by the intelligent use of each tool, rather than relying on just one.

My recent trips to Ghana convinced me that in California our players will enjoy the game more if we increase the use of small-sided games, scrimmages and other informal, high-energy training devices that provide many of the benefits of the pickup game.

In Ghana, Sabisoccer works to empower youth through soccer by giving them the opportunity to play in pick-up games, competitions, and training clinics run by coaches from Ghana and the United States.  Sabisoccer also donates much needed training equipment such as  soccer balls, cleats, jerseys, socks, and shin guards.”

– Robert Sackey

Robert Sackey has been living in El Cerrito, California for the past 25 years. He has been coaching and developing soccer programs in the Bay Area for 23 years, and has been a CYSA Staff coach for 15 years. He is a Technical Consultant for Mavericks teams. He holds an A coaching license from the United States Soccer Federation and is a regular participant in CYSA- North programs. Robert Sackey has coaching diplomas from the Germany Federation, Dutch Federation and the English Federation. He has also taken courses from: Bayen Leverkusen, Coln FC, Ajax FC , AZ Arkmak, Manchester United FC, Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC & Tottenham Spurs FC. Coach Sackey also holds a Confederation of African Soccer (CAF) B License from the Ghana Football Association.

Robert also helped coach the Black Queens, Ghana’s National Womens’ Team, in preparation for the World Cup qualifying series, during their tour in the Bay Area. Mr. Sackey served as Team Scout and Technical Advisor for the the Black Stars, Ghana’s Mens’ Professional Team, during the 2006 World Cup, and played a key part in the success of the Black Stars; the only African team to move on to the round of sixteen. Mr. Sackey also serves as a Technical Advisor and Trainer to the Hasaacas Football Club, which plays in Ghana’s premeirship league, the highest professional football league in Ghana. He is also the Technical Director and Co-Founder of the Hasaacas Youth Academy, and has helped to develop the Womens’ and Girls’ programs.   Mr. Sackey has recently been appointed Head Coach for the Black Princesses, Ghana’s National U-20 Womens team.

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